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I know you all are waiting, but before reveals, while I have a captive audience (as if you haven't already clicked the cut and read ahead ^^), I just want to say what an absolute joy running this exchange has been. When I first got it in my head to organize this thing a year ago, I was worried it wouldn't be successful. But the response was even better than I'd dared to hope and you guys were amazing. Seriously, you were such a fantastic group of participants. I feel so lucky. Thank you for making this happen. I hope you'll come back next year.

Recipient Received Fic From Author Reposted
ai_no_niji Received Three Is Company, Four Is A Crowd From snowqueenofhoth Here!
crazy_otaku911 Received Fated From ieja88
ieja88 Received Silly, silly love songs From sunscribble
imifumei Received All for Improvement From ai_no_niji
mousapelli Received Twoface From terrorpinguchib
orangegreenlove Received Only Love (Don't Lose It) From mousapelli Here!
rin_aokuro Received Slippery When Wet From orangegreenlove Here!
snowqueenofhoth Received {Midnight C R A Z Y} From crazy_otaku911 Here!
sunscribble Received The Height Issue From tottchupi
terrorpinguchib Received The most difficult words From rin_aokuro Here!
tottchupi Received Eight Miles High From imifumei Here!

You are all now free to repost your fics as you see fit and, seeing as how this was such a manageable number of participants, if you comment here with a link to where you have reposted it, I would be happy to add your link above.
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