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Gift Fic for mousapelli

Gift Fic for mousapelli
From terrorpinguchib

Title Twoface
Pairing/Characters: Nikasen, Kis-My-Ft2, A.B.C.-Z, family members, Nagasawa Tomomi (OC)
Rating: PG-15
Warnings: Drama, more drama, (very) light smut, OC
Summary: Senga has a beautiful girlfriend, but also a pretty boyfriend which he can’t tell his parents about.
Notes: changing POVs

Senga Kento was pressed against a wall. He breathed hard and tried to think normally, while his boyfriend worked on his hem.
‘Ngggh… Nika please-‘ He was shut up by a kiss before he could finish his sentence.
‘You let me wait to long.’, Nikaido Takashi whispered and in the younger’s earlobe, then kissing him again. ‘We haven’t seen each other for a week. Do you know how hard this was?’ Another kiss, another bite.
‘I know but… could you hurry up? The others are waiting downstairs and it would be conspicuous if we were away too long.’
Nikaido sighed. ‘You just can’t enjoy it, huh?’ But without further comments, he opened his boyfriends’ pants and kneeled down.
‘Where have you two been?’, Sengas mother said. ‘Everyone’s waiting for you, Kento!’
‘I’m sorry I captured him, but I had to fix his hair, it was a mess.’ Nikaido answered grinning and got whacked on the head by Senga as a response.
‘Where’s Tomomi-san? You’re her escort, so you two must come back to the party together!’
‘I’m here, sorry for being late. My father kept introducing me to all his… secretaries.’ A voice came from behind.
Senga looked smiling at his girlfriend. Her black hair was slightly shimmering in the dim light and her black, short dress flattered around her long legs, while she walked over to him.
‘Well then, everyone’s waiting for you two to open the dance!’
Senga and Nagasawa smiled at each other and walked over to the dance floor, while Nikaido preferred a wall to lean on and a cold drink. And watching those two. He wrinkled his forehead. They looked absolutely gorgeous, Tomomi as she swirled in his arms around.
About 20 minutes later, Nikaido found himself in a conversation with Senga’s mother.
‘Don’t they look absolutely gorgeous? Tomomi-san is such a nice girl!’
He nodded. ‘Yeah, they’re a good match.’
‘I couldn’t imagine another girl marrying my son.’, she said, looking a bit serious, as if this was business (well, to his mother it probably was).
‘Well, at the moment, I couldn’t imagine marrying another man, either.’ Nagasawa said from behind. She grinned when Senga responded ‘At the moment? I hope it doesn’t change in a few years!’ Both of them laughed, just Senga’s mother looked a bit displeased (probably because she was imagining an expensive divorce) and Nikaido cracked a fake smile.
‘Of course this will be a great fusion of our two families’, she said. ‘That’s why I’m happy that Kento didn’t drag any of those… entertainment girls here; they wouldn’t match.’
She was probably right, because there were a lot of families like them: rich, with a great influence on economy and politics.
‘Well, I’m just as happy as you are about our relationship.’, Nagasawa said and smiled.
‘Overkill’, Nikaido thought and gave his glass to the next waitress. ‘Excuse me, I don’t feel very well.’ He made his way through the crowd and barely heard Senga’s mother asking ‘Is he alright?’ whereupon her answered that he would look after him.
He caught up on him when they were outside, close to the servant door.
‘You okay?’ Senga asked him and sat down next to him on the cold floor.
‘No, I;m not. I’m sick of playing this game, listening to your marriage plans and your mother, how happy she is that her son has such an amazing girlfriend, blahblahblah. It pisses me off.’
‘I’m sorry.’
‘Senga… I really can’t take this any longer.’
‘I know. Me too. I’m gonna fix that, I promise.’ He smiled, then he kissed his lover. ‘And now smile that smile I love so much, okay? It makes me happy.’
Nikaido did as he was told and though it felt good to see Senga happy, it still hurt. He felt like a mistress.
A few days later, he was woken up very ungentle by a loud RIIIIIINNNNNNNG.
He groaned and got slowly up, knowing that bloody reality wouldn’t allow him to tumble. But seeing Senga made his heart jump a bit, so he gave getting up a try.
At work, now faced with rehearsal, he thought back on his breakfast and the hot shower he had had this morning. He sighed. Good things never last too long. Maybe he should spend his next day off with showering and eating his favorite food.
Totally captured in his thoughts, he kind of forgot about the choreography and tripped on Yokoo’s foot, which caused both of them to tumble and fall down.
‘Nika!’, six people yelled. ’Watch your step!’
‘I’m sorry, I was in thoughts.’ Nikaido apologized.
‘Nika.’, Kitayama started with a friendly, but scary undertone in his voice. ‘Do you know what we’re doing here?’
‘Ahm… Dancing rehearsal, I guess…?’
‘Correct. And what do people in dancing rehearsals?’
‘Watching their step! They also don’t screw up their choreography! Pull yourself together, ‘kay? We don’t need someone who looks like a drunk monkey!’
Nikaido looked slightly hurt, but got up on his feet and returned to his usual positions. ‘I get that I didn’t pay attention, but what’s wrong with him today?’, he asked Yokoo whispering. ‘It’s because Taisuke refused to have sex with him last night because his parents were at home and they ended up watching a movie with Whoopi Goldberg.’, the older responded.
Before Nikaido could respond, Kitayama started yelling. ‘Oi! No talks! We don’t have time! If you want to get paid for doing nothing, go to McDonald’s!’
It was a really bad day. Two or three accidents happened again, causing also Yokoo to get mad. At the end of rehearsal, when they were allowed to go home, Nikaido was really fed up on the world and just wanted to get home. He didn’t even go eating with Senga, but went straight home.
Just when he had entered his house, his cellphone rang.
Growling inside, he pulled it out of his pocket and answered the call.
‘Nikaido-san? This is Nagasawa.’
‘Oh, hello. Are you alright?’ It was pretty unusual for her to call him, because they didn’t meet apart from being with Senga.
‘Yeah, I am. But… Senga’s got in a car accident.’
He was speechless for a moment.
‘Ah yeah. I’m there. Is he alright?!’
‘It’s nothing too bad, he was in a taxi and the driver didn’t see a coming car and they crashed into it. Fortunately, they didn’t drive too fast, so both aren’t seriously injured.’ Nikaido breathed out slowly. God. That boy still manages to scare him to death. ‘He wanted me to call you. Can you come over?’
‘Yeah, of course. I’ll be right there. See you. Oh and thanks for calling.’ He added, hung up and called a taxi.
The way to the hospital seemed to be endless: every light was red, every roundabout congested. When he finally arrived, he jumped out of the car, almost forgot to pay the taxi driver and rushed inside, where he met Nagasawa.
‘You came.’
‘Sorry for being late, the traffic was horrible. Where is he?’
‘I’ll show you to his room. His parents are currently talking to the doctors.’ With that, she walked down the hallway without turning back.
When they arrived, she turned around and said ‘You know, the whole time he said stuff like “You have to call Nika” or “Please bring Nika here”. He really needs you. I’m off to drink some coffee.’ Nikaido nodded, without knowing what to say. He thought to see a bit of bitterness in her eyes, but he wasn’t sure if this was imagination. He knocked on the door and went inside.
Senga’s voice cracked when he tried to speak and he looked very tired. ‘Hey.’
Nikaido hurried over to his side. The right temple was covered by a white plaster and he looked slightly wrecked. ‘Man, what are you doing?’
He tried to smile. ‘I wanted to see you. You had a bad day and I wanted to cheer you up.’
The older froze. Damn. It was his fault. ‘I’m so sorry.’ He said quietly and sat down next to his bed. ‘I shouldn’t have worried and made you go into that taxi.’ He bowed his head till it reached Senga’s hands and laid it on them. ‘I’m so sorry.’
‘Oh come on, it’s not your fault, okay? It’s the fault of that taxi driver, if I ever get him..’ He growled.
‘Are you gonna be okay?’ Nikaido asked worriedly.
‘Oh yeah, the doctors say I have to rest for a few days and don’t push myself too much, but I’ll be able to work as before soon.’
His lover sighed in relief. ‘Good.’
‘Do you know, how I get well waaaay faster?’
Nikaido chuckled. He knew what came now, he had often experienced it when Senga was ill. ‘Yeah.’
The younger grinned, but then his lips were sealed with a soft kiss of the other.
They didn’t notice that the door was opened, but quickly closed by the sight of the two.
When he left, he met Senga’s girlfriend outside of the hospital. ‘Can I talk to you for a second?’, she asked.
‘Sure.’ He didn’t know what was going on, but whatever.
They went to a quiet place nearby as she asked him directly: ‘Do you love him?’
Nikaido looked shocked. ‘Excuse me?’
‘I’m asking’, she continued, ‘if you love my boyfriend.’
He shook his head. How would she know? ‘I don’t know why you think that, it’s absolutely untrue and completely mental.’
‘Yeah, I also thought I was mental when I saw you kissing him in the hospital.’
He froze. Shit. She had seen them.
‘According to your expression, I’m right.’ She put a strand of hair behind her ear and looked him deeply in the eyes. ‘Listen. I know it’s a lot to ask, but I’m his girlfriend. And you are his best friend, since many, many years. Do you really want to destroy that? Your friendship and my relationship with him? You must know, I really love him. That’s why I can’t live without him.’
He swallowed. ‘What do you want me to do?’
‘Please.’, she begged him. ‘Stay away from him. At least in that way. It won’t work out and then your friendship will be destroyed. And so our relationship. That would cause all of us a lot of pain, and believe me, Senga doesn’t need any pain anymore.’
In one single moment, Nikaido realized that she was right. Their love was never meant to be. Senga had responsibility towards his family and so had Nagasawa.
‘Okay.’ His voice cracked. ‘But you will make sure, that he doesn’t suffer so much.’
‘I promise.’
Senga woke up early this morning. Since rehearsal probably hadn’t started yet, he decided to call Nikaido.
A sleepy voice answered the call. ‘Hello?’
‘Hey Nika! Just wanted to hear from you! You sound tired, did I wake you up?’
‘No, I didn’t sleep well last night.’
‘Oh, is everything alright?’
‘Yeah, I just couldn’t sleep.’
‘I see. Hey, I miss you. Wanna come over after rehearsal?’
‘Ahm… Yeah… I’m sorry. You see, I got this thing going on… Helping my mother and stuff…’
‘Oh okay. Well, call me when you’re free, okay? I’m really bored!’
It continued like this. Whenever Senga tried to get his friend to visit him or even visit the older himself, he’d block, saying that he had ‘this thing going on’ or similar stuff. He couldn’t get rid of that feeling that something was wrong and decided to ask the only one who really know about their relationship (who forced them to talk, actually), Kitayama. He came over to his house (he still had to rest) after rehearsal, bringing some fruits for him.
‘I thought you’d maybe take a break from hospital-food.’, he said smiling.
‘Awesome! Thank you, Kitahiro!’ Senga smiled lightly.
‘So, what’s wrong? You sounded strange on the phone.’
Senga chewed slowly on a strawberry. ‘You know… Nika’s behaving strange. I think I might’ve done something which could’ve made him angry or so.’
‘What do you mean?’ Kitayama furrowed his eyebrows.
‘He doesn’t return my calls and when I get through to him, he doesn’t have time to really talk with me. Or to visit me. He has “this thing going on”. Whatever this means.’
‘Hm. Yeah, that’s strange. Did you say something? Maybe about Tomomi-san, you know he has his difficulties with her.’
‘No, I didn’t… At least nothing specific, I just told him that she’s as often as she can here…’
“I see… Well, maybe it’s just one of his moods again. Just give him time.’
Although Kitayama’s words had cheered him up a bit, he couldn’t forget about it. So it was no wonder that he was pretty unconcentrated when Nagasawa came over to visit him and he missed half of that what she was talking.
‘…and then my father told me, he would like to have more women in the management and I believe, is should be one of them! Well, in some years, of course.’ She stumbled. ‘Did you hear what I said?’
Senga looked up, puzzled. ‘What? Ah no… Sorry, I was in thoughts. Got some trouble with a friend, you know.’
‘Is it about Nikaido?’
‘How do you know?’, he asked surprised.
‘Doesn’t matter.’, she responded. ‘You shouldn’t think too much about him, he’s probably just moody.’
He nodded. ‘Well, Kitahiro told me that, either, but… I dunno…’
She put her hand on his knee and looked in his eyes. ‘Look, I am here now, so don’t think about it, anymore, okay? It’s not good if you stress yourself too much.’
He furrowed his eyebrows together. ‘Excuse me, he’s my best friend and I want to know what’s wrong with him!’
‘You mean that he’s in love with your bandmate?’ It had slipped out of Nagasawa’s mouth before he could say anything else.
‘You… WHAT?!’
She bit on her lip and looked away. ‘I saw them kissing. Nikaido-san and Fujigaya-san.’
Senga stared at her in shock. ‘You’re lying.’
She put on an angry face. ‘I’m not. Ask him, if you want to know.’
‘You can bet that I will.’ He paused. ‘Tomorrow. I’m tired.’
Her expression softened. ‘Should I help you –‘
He cut her off before she could say anything else. ‘No, thanks. I can do it alone. You should leave, otherwise your dad is gonna be mad.’
‘Okay. But, you know…’
‘This is no good for you. You’re both hurting each other.’
He sighed. ‘Tomomi. He’s my best friend. I can’t just let him drop because of this.’
She shrugged her shoulders. ‘He’s not good for you. Just saying.’
‘You don’t understand that. That’s your problem: friends are like accessories to you, after a few months or years you can get rid of them when it’s too difficult to wear them. But that’s not how friendship works, okay? And relationships, either.’ He sighed. ‘Please leave now, okay?’
She left, with a piqued expression.
Senga tried to call Nikaido, but of course he didn’t answer the phone, so he left a message on the mailbox. ‘Hey Nika, it’s me. We need to talk. Call me back.’
Kitayama Hiromitsu yawned. He just called Senga’s girlfriend to get to know what’s going on with him and they agreed to meet at a restaurant. It was late and they would have rehearsal tomorrow, but he had to get behind all this, for the sake of the group. When he arrived, she was already waiting for him.
‘Sorry to keep you waiting.’, he apologized while sitting down towards her.
She shook her head. ‘No problem, I was too early anyways.’
‘So. As I don’t have much time for smalltalk, please let me get straight to point. I guess you know what this is all about?’
‘You wanted me to say why Senga and Nikaido-san are behaving strange.’ She took a deep breath. ‘But I have to disappoint you; I don’t know anything.’
He sighed. ‘Tomomi-san. Let’s just be honest, okay? I know there’s hardly anything about Senga you don’t know about or have interfered already. He may not have seen this side of you yet, but I did. So you certainly know what’s going on with these two. Please tell me, it’s affecting our work and Senga has worked too hard the past years to sacrifice it. So tell me what you did.’
She looked away and sighed. ‘I saw them kissing. So I told Nikaido-san to stay away from Senga, for the sake of their friendship and our relationship. And I also told Senga that I saw him and Fujigaya-san kissing.’
Kitayama looked at her in disbelief. Who would’ve thought that she could be this sharp?
‘Do you know what you did? You might’ve made everything worse.’
‘I tried to safe us.’, she said stubbornly.
The young man got up. ‘Yeah, I see that. But I think, it was a bit too much of drama, wasn’t it?’ He locked their eyes. ‘But you forgot, that I’m their friend. And that makes me your enemy, so better watch out. See ya.’
He left the restaurant and went straight to Nikaido’s house.
‘So what do you want to talk to me about so urgently?’, Nikaido asked after letting his bandmate in his house. ‘What is urgent that we couldn’t talk about it on the phone?’
‘It’s about you and Senga.’
‘His crazy girlfriend told me everything. Dude, it’s like being in a soap.’ The oldest groaned and screwed his eyes. GIRLS. Always drama, drama and drama.
‘So… thanks, but why again did you want to tell me that?’
‘Well, to clear things with Senga up, of course! You gotta explain that to him.’
Nikaido shook his head. ‘But she’s right, isn’t she? It’ll probably destroy our friendship and that’t the last thing I want! It’d also damage our group, you know. That would suck.’
‘I know, but I hate seeing you guys like that; it’s annoying and unprofessional. You’ll need to be able to come over your differences anyways if you want to succeed in this business, so why not giving it a try?’
Nikaido grumbled and buried his face in his hands. ‘I’m scared.’, he mumbled through his hands. ‘What if he doesn’t want friendship either? What if he hates me?’
Kitayama patted his shoulders. ‘Well, you’ll only find it out by trial and error, righty-right?’
‘I guess you’re right’, the younger groaned.
His phone rang and when Senga looked at the display, he couldn’t help but be happy: It was Nikaido.
‘Hello? Nika?’
‘Hey Senga. Yeah it’s me. I’m actually on the way to your house, is it okay if I come over?’
‘Sure! I’ll wait for you, then.’
‘Got it.’
5 minutes later, the doorbell rang and the youngest hurried to open the door. ‘I didn’t expect you to arrive this fast…’, he greeted the other.
‘I was actually only about 100 metres away, but I forgot to call before I went.’
Senga laughed. Typical. ‘I see.’
In Senga’s room, he tried to kiss the older passionately, who blocked. ‘Actually..’, Nikaido said. ‘I need to talk to you.’
Senga paused. ‘About being quite strange lately?’
‘Hm yeah. Kinda.’
‘Oh man, I thought you’de never started talking! Why were you acting like that? Did I do something?’
Nikaido shook his head. ‘No, not really. It was just… I did a favor.’
‘For who?’
‘ahm… Nagasawa-san.’
‘No way! You kidding?’, Senga said laughing.
‘It’s true.’ Nikaido looked away. ‘She… asked me to stay away from you. She knows about us.’
The youngest froze. ‘What?’, he whispered. ‘Are you serious?’
‘Yeah. After I visited you at the hospital, she asked me to stay away from you, for the sake of our friendship und your relationship.’
‘Okay. Stop. You can’t be serious. This is too crazy.’
‘I wish it was.’ Nikaido sighed.
‘And… you really believed what she said? She’s A GIRL! They don’t have scruples! Did you ever think of the fact that she was probably just jealous and wanted you out of the way? She even lied to me and said she saw you kissing Taipi!’
‘No. I didn’t believe it at all.’
Senga put an arm around his lover and stroked his shoulder. ‘See. Don’t take it too serious.’
Nikaido shook his head. ‘Even so, I really can’t take this anymore. I’m not… your strange male mistress, you know?’ He took a deep breath. ‘I’ve decided: Me or her. Take one of us. It doesn’t work with both; someone will always be hurt. And I don’t even want to think of your parents if they find out.’
Senga sighed. ‘Nika… You know I can’t break up with her. It’s very important for my family that I keep this fusion. I have responsibility!’
The older buried his face in his hands. ‘I know, I know… But I can’t take that. I love you, but… It just doesn’t work.’
Senga touched his arm lightly. ‘Nika…’
‘Let’s just stay friends, okay?’ He straightened himself up. ‘It’s fine with me and we have to think of the group.’
Nikaido tried to grin. ‘Don’t worry about me, I’m gonna be okay.’ He kissed the youngest lightly on the lips, then a bit more passionate until he pushed away. ‘See you tomorrow.’
Even after Nikaido had left, all Senga could do was standing in his room and trying to realize what just had happened. Fuck. I messed up. Just then his cellphone rang.
‘Senga? It’s me, Tomomi.’
‘Oh. You.’
‘Ahm… I saw Nikaido-san leaving your house… Can we talk?’
‘Yeah. I’ll open up for you.’
Tomomi looked really desperate, but Senga didn’t really feel sorry for her. It was her own fault, for sabotaging his friendship/love with Nika.
‘You must know, that I only wanted the best for us all.’, she said and tried to take her boyfriend’s hand, but failed as he put it behind his neck.
‘Yeah. But it became the complete opposite of it. You even lied to me about Nika and Fujigaya. Did you really expect me to believe that?’
She lowered her head. ‘I-I was desperate…’
Nagasawa looked up again. ‘Look. I’m sorry. That’s why I came here. I’ve made a terrible mistake and I want to apologize.’
Senga bit on his lip. ‘Are you really sorry?’
‘Yeah! I’ve never felt so bad about anything, believe me!’
‘Okay.’ He sighed. ‘I must ask you to leave now, I have a lot to think about.’
‘Of course.’ She stood up and grabbed her bag. ‘I’ll be waiting.’ Then she kissed him on the cheek and left.
‘I’m home!’, Nagasawa called when she entered her house and took her shoes off.
‘Welcome back!’, her mother said from the dining room. ‘Perfect timing, because there’s dinner now. I already expected we had to wait for you.’
While eating, she obeyed her parents carefully. Her father had a rather calm expression and seemed not to be tensed. Her mother smiled and offered her water.
‘Mother… Father… I’ve got to tell you something.’
Her mother looked up, but before she could say anything, her father said happily: ‘You’re pregnant!’
‘What? No! I’m way too young!’
‘Oh. And I already imagined myself with Senga-kun and our ancestors.’
‘But it is about Senga and me…’
‘What is it, dear? Did you have a fight?’, her mother asked carefully and took her hand.
‘No…” Nagasawa bit her lip. ‘I broke up with him.’
Her parents stared at her for moment, then cleaned both their throat. Her mother looked slightly tensed now. ‘Well… do you want to tell us why?’
She took a deep breath. ‘I realized that I don’t love him anymore and it would’ve been cruel to keep on dating and lying to him.’
Her father frowned and started reading the newspaper. ‘Well, you’ll be doing hard finding another guy which was as good as he was.’
‘I know.’
Thinking, that rehearsal today was only to describe as awkward, Nikaido left their changing room after saying about a hundred times good-bye and see you tomorrow. Outside the building, he made his way to the train station, when a black car stopped next to him on the street. The window opened and he saw Nagasawa’s face.
‘Hello, Nikaido-san.’
‘Can we talk?’ She said smiling.
‘About what?’
‘About our current situation and this way too dramatic love triangle-thing.’
‘Hmpf. Okay.’
She opened the door. ‘Please get in.’
Sitting in the car, he realized against in what kind of world Senga was and which responsibility he had. It hurt a bit, but he was distracted from Nagasawa who started talking.
‘You know… Senga knows. About the favor I asked you.’
‘Yeah. He we talked about it.’, he muttered.
‘So… Are you two back together again?’
‘No. We’re not. I told him I can’t be his… mistress.’ He spit the last word out.
She sighed. ‘I see. Well, I suppose that what I have to tell you are good news.’
‘I told my parents, that I broke up with Senga, because I don’t love him anymore.’
His mouth fell down. ‘That’s a lie, isn’t it?’
She nodded and smiled bitterly. ‘Yeah, it is. But my parents don’t know that, you see?’
‘So… I’m out of the way!’ She laughed awkwardly, but became serious. ‘I know I made mistakes. Huge mistakes. But please don’t judge me too hard. I just love my boyfriend and I wanted the best for all of us.’
Nikaido could see the pain in her eyes and nodded. ‘I understand.’
The car stopped and he saw his house through the windows. ‘You drove me home?’, he said surprised.
She laughed, this time seriously. ‘Did you think I’m driving around the city because I have so much time?’
He blushed and shook his head. ‘No, of course not…’
‘Well then, goodbye Nikaido-san. I hope you don’t make the same mistakes as I did. This world can be cruel, don’t ever find yourself in too much safety.’
‘Yeah. I know.’ He smiled. ‘Goodbye.’
Senga muttered as his cellphone rang while he was lying on the couch at home.
‘It’s me.’
‘Oh. Hi, Tomomi.’
‘I just wanted to tell you that you don’t have to worry about anything. I don’t love you anymore and I guess this whole thing was a mistake. I also told said this to my parents and they agreed.’
‘What? Stop. I don’t get it.’
‘Farewell, Kento. Watch out, there’ll be your pet’s blood if you don’t.’ Click.
He stared at his cellphone, puzzled. What the hell was that?!
It started ringing again and he answered the call annoyed. ‘Yeah?!’
‘Is your family at home?’
‘Nika?! No, they’re not. Have gone out to dinner, but I stayed at home. Why?’
‘Because I’m standing at your door right now. Can you open me, please?’
Senga groaned. Sometimes the older was such a plague!
Nikaido’s smiling face greeted him when he opened the door. ‘Can I come in?’
‘Sure you can.’ Senga turned around and walked towards the living room. Just as he reached the couch, someone grabbed his shoulder and turned him back around. His lips were caught in a passionate kiss and they fell on the couch.
The younger moaned as his shirt was pushed up and Nikaido kissed his chest. ‘Nika… what’s this about?’
‘Did Tomomi break up with you?’, he responded while kissing Senga’s neck.
The younger one pushed Nika off, so he could look in his face. ‘How do you know that?’
‘She told me everything after rehearsal. I sat in her car and we talked.’
‘I see…’ the other responded, still unable to say something smart.
‘Senga…’ Nika shifted around uncomfortably. ‘I’m sorry. I know I’ve been an idiot and seriously… All that childish drama… It wasn’t necessary, right?’
‘Yep.’ They burst out into laughter. ‘So, if you wanna apologize, I’m only accepting something that involves the two of us, your lips and, hmm, my lips?’
Nikaido grinned. ‘You can get more out of this deal, ya know.’

Kitayama was at his grandfather’s house, surrounded by his little cousins and some other kids.
‘…and that’s why you never should trust women if you don’t want to end up as someone’s toy!’
there were some wow noises and the kids stared at him, impressed with their mouths open.
‘You sure know a lot about women, right hiromitsu-kun?’, Tomoya, his youngest cousin said.
Kitayama grinned. ‘You could say so…’
-The End-
Tags: pair: s/2, rating: pg-13

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